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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
9:41 pm - hmm

Nuked a spam entry. Hopefully that doesn't happen again.

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Monday, February 12th, 2007
11:17 am

It's been quite some time since anyone posted here :) Just thought I'd hop up on the soapbox for a quick sec to mention (again and again) the new look for beosirc.org - no more drab orange! :)

(Now it's more of an eye-searing green. But that's a good thing.)

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Thursday, August 4th, 2005
10:32 pm

Updated the site; added the Channel-Regular Bios functionality. Y'all will have full control over your own bio, right down to the user picture. There are some extra features (mailing address info) that won't be displayed publically; it's for Skoro's benefit. If you're part of the NJ-Crew, you'll probably want to include it.

Well, let me know what you think. It's sort of in the alpha stage at the moment, but once I add in some privacy-related radio buttons & the more info view, it will move into "beta". :)

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
2:44 pm

Behold - http://www.beosirc.org/index.php

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Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
2:18 am - UT Server

Well folks, that time has come once more.

The BeOSIRC UT Server Is Back!!!

It's running the Linux UT2004 Dedicated Server, and is located at ut.beosirc.org

There is a server password, just shoot me an email at ut@beosirc.org or find me on IRC or AIM and I'd be glad to give it to you. And if you don't already have UT2k4, I ask only "What the heck are you waiting for?" ;)

See you in the fray!

current mood: excited

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Friday, September 26th, 2003
12:02 am - Trillian crashing


if Trillian crashes on start, then know that this is caused by Yahoo problems and CC are working on it.

Do this:
Edit the file
- C:\Program Files\Trillian\Users\username\yahoo.ini
- C:\Documents and Settings\username\Trillian\users\username\yahoo.ini

Change autoconnect=1 to autoconnect=0

Save and Trillian should now work.

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Wednesday, December 11th, 2002
9:34 am - Help needed installing BeOS on HPT370 IDE RAID controller partition

I have an Abit motherboard with the HighPoint HPT370 IDE RAID controller on-board.

On the controller I have two drives set up in a Raid 0 configuration (data striping across the two drives... so they act as one larger drive). On this I just have Windows2000 and some free space.

I made a bootable CD of BeOS Max 2.1 and it worked fine except it didnt recognize my HPT370 so i had no place to install onto.

So I download the IDE replacement driver from Bebits, which includes support for the HPT370. It included a utility to make a boot floppy with support for the HPT370 included. I used this with the CD I made and got the installer up and running and this time it recognized my drives on the HPT370...

EXCEPT it didn't show them set up properly. Instead of showing one large drive with a big NTFS partition on it and some free space (remember I have the two drives in a RAID 0 striping configuration), it showed two seperate drives with nothing on them. So it kind of seems like if I installed onto one of them I would end up REALLY messing up my NTFS partition and all.

So my question is does anyone know how to get BeOS to properly recognize my RAID setup?


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Wednesday, September 4th, 2002
12:42 pm - I maybe stupid again...

But I was tipped by a friend of mine that SpyMac.com has a really nice online email service, 25Mb of space for email, free, no ads and really nice web interface, also they have email forwarding and remote mail checking for IMAP and POP3.

current mood: cheerful

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Monday, August 12th, 2002
9:28 am - Power4 --> PowerPC

Someone on #beosghetto was saying the other day about how Apple should start using IBM's Power4 series chips. There's an article in Anchordesk today that touches on such a possibility. I couldn't remember who it was, so I figured I'd post the link here.

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Thursday, July 25th, 2002
5:25 pm - Website Updates

Made some changes to the Who's Who page today:

Added Ziusudra
Added ChuffyCow

Waiting on pics and info from balatro and cgulutz (Iz) so everyone poke and prod them till they get it to me!

Incidentally, if anyone would like to request any changes, additions, deletions from the Who's Who page, feel free to email them to me at whoswho@beosirc.org and I'll get to them in the order I receive them. If you'd like to be added, make sure to send me all the information *and* either a picture or a link to a picture.

Oh, and I changed skobby's pic to something... erm, more appropriate ;)


current mood: content

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Monday, June 17th, 2002
5:58 pm - Stats Update

Just for all your information, the stats are now current as of 5:30pm today. I'm still waiting on the automation util, it'll be nice to not have to do this all by hand...

Though I have come up with a way to make it a LITTLE bit easier, so it's a pretty simple taks of just opening mIRCStats and running it now, don't have to do anything manually anymore.

*Hopes for a new version of AutomIRCStats soon*


current mood: accomplished

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Thursday, June 13th, 2002
5:51 pm - Incidentally...

Not that it's the least bit useful, but lj.beosirc.org now references the BeOSIRC LiveJournal

Enjoy... Or something.

current mood: busy

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4:19 pm - Stats Update

Hello folks...

The May stats are finally up and brought to current, and I got a snapshot of June stats up.

You'll notice the new style of the stats, with the links up top for the sub-pages with more detail. Look through them and tell me what you think.

Due to the fact that this is such a drastic change and that mIRCStats works differently now, the AutomIRCStats program I used to automate the whole thing is temporarily broken. I've been in contact with the author, he's aware of the issue, and is working to rewrite his automation util in such a fashion as to facilitate its use with the older version (1.18) as well as the newer version (1.19)

Until then, the stats will be updated following the "When I Have Time" principle, and I will be sure to let y'all know as soon as they're automated again!

current mood: busy

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Wednesday, May 15th, 2002
12:15 pm - Decision Time!

Poll #34019 To JK2 or not to JK2?

Would you like to see a beosirc JK2 dedicated server?

Not Really
Who the fsck are you kidding? Of course not!

Would you be willing to help in any way, with the hosting of a dedicated JK2 server?

Help? What's that mean? I'm a freeloading lamer!

If this dedicated server conflicted, resource-wise with the existing BeOSIRC UT server, would you still be interested? (Meaning the UT server would have to be brought down)


Do you think access should be restricted on the server?

Community folks only
Just make it "hidden"
Leave it open to the world!

Which came first?


Any suggestions? Comments?

current mood: crazy

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2:30 am - Jedi Knight II

Well, I went out and bought it last night, and I'm really enjoying it!

I was poking around the 'net and noticed there's a dedicated Linux server available... Which got me to thinking... Would anyone be interested in using such a thing, were I to host it?

It *may* conflict resource-wise with the UT server, but I'm not sure. This is something that will have to be considered.

Let me know, folks. I'm up for it if anyone will use it.

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Thursday, May 9th, 2002
5:33 pm - w00t!

Well, BeOSIRC.org is back up, to some extent. Some of the stuff is still pretty rough around the edges, and there are a lot of places I need to run through some named changing and such, but I wanted to just get *something* back up while the stuff was worked on.

Let me know if you have any problems with the site, and more importantly, if you'd like to help out! ;)


current mood: busy

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Wednesday, May 8th, 2002
2:50 pm - Channel Stats Revived!

BeOSIRC Channel Stats have been revived at:


This is the first of many things to come in the revival of BeOSIRC.org

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Friday, May 3rd, 2002
5:19 pm - Wheee

beosirc is now a paid account!

Thanks for the contributions everyone, I'll be working on getting the site revamped and getting the integration complete over the course of the next few weeks, depending on how things go with work and such.


current mood: excited

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Tuesday, April 30th, 2002
7:06 pm - #beos - The Future

Why does this happen everytime we get settled down.

I came back from a very nice holliday with the NJ and toronto crew and i find that the channel is on the verge off spliting. Now half of the channel is else were.

Now i dont want to get invloed with the arguemant that is going on. But i HATE to see this to happen. Good people who have worked to gethere to have the channel for the greater good are now effectively gone. That is sad thing to happen, it seem a stupid thing to happen.

Now the question is what is going to happen, are we going to have to but up with a channel split over 2 channels, becuase peolpe wont talk to each other or are we going to work on this and get us back to one channel again.

There is another option, we have a perfectly (sort off) channel just sitting around on Efnet we could go back to our roots, away from the power pollitics and the back stabbing. If not there, theres Exodus or some other place as well.

Please will the people involeved, try to sort it out, it's a shame that this has happened but to take drastic action like that has happened is not nice at all.

Yours Hopefully
Chris Hugman

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Saturday, April 13th, 2002
1:07 pm - BeShare

So, who here uses BeShare or Ozone to grab files?

current mood: curious

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