Corby (vistic) wrote in beosirc,

Help needed installing BeOS on HPT370 IDE RAID controller partition

I have an Abit motherboard with the HighPoint HPT370 IDE RAID controller on-board.

On the controller I have two drives set up in a Raid 0 configuration (data striping across the two drives... so they act as one larger drive). On this I just have Windows2000 and some free space.

I made a bootable CD of BeOS Max 2.1 and it worked fine except it didnt recognize my HPT370 so i had no place to install onto.

So I download the IDE replacement driver from Bebits, which includes support for the HPT370. It included a utility to make a boot floppy with support for the HPT370 included. I used this with the CD I made and got the installer up and running and this time it recognized my drives on the HPT370...

EXCEPT it didn't show them set up properly. Instead of showing one large drive with a big NTFS partition on it and some free space (remember I have the two drives in a RAID 0 striping configuration), it showed two seperate drives with nothing on them. So it kind of seems like if I installed onto one of them I would end up REALLY messing up my NTFS partition and all.

So my question is does anyone know how to get BeOS to properly recognize my RAID setup?

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