Chris Hugman [Huggy, MrHuggy, Kili, Chuggy] (chuggy) wrote in beosirc,
Chris Hugman [Huggy, MrHuggy, Kili, Chuggy]

#beos - The Future

Why does this happen everytime we get settled down.

I came back from a very nice holliday with the NJ and toronto crew and i find that the channel is on the verge off spliting. Now half of the channel is else were.

Now i dont want to get invloed with the arguemant that is going on. But i HATE to see this to happen. Good people who have worked to gethere to have the channel for the greater good are now effectively gone. That is sad thing to happen, it seem a stupid thing to happen.

Now the question is what is going to happen, are we going to have to but up with a channel split over 2 channels, becuase peolpe wont talk to each other or are we going to work on this and get us back to one channel again.

There is another option, we have a perfectly (sort off) channel just sitting around on Efnet we could go back to our roots, away from the power pollitics and the back stabbing. If not there, theres Exodus or some other place as well.

Please will the people involeved, try to sort it out, it's a shame that this has happened but to take drastic action like that has happened is not nice at all.

Yours Hopefully
Chris Hugman
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