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Stats Update

Hello folks...

The May stats are finally up and brought to current, and I got a snapshot of June stats up.

You'll notice the new style of the stats, with the links up top for the sub-pages with more detail. Look through them and tell me what you think.

Due to the fact that this is such a drastic change and that mIRCStats works differently now, the AutomIRCStats program I used to automate the whole thing is temporarily broken. I've been in contact with the author, he's aware of the issue, and is working to rewrite his automation util in such a fashion as to facilitate its use with the older version (1.18) as well as the newer version (1.19)

Until then, the stats will be updated following the "When I Have Time" principle, and I will be sure to let y'all know as soon as they're automated again!
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